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What is the Gemini Program?

The Gemini program was the secon dpase in the U.S. history of piloted space flight. The Gemini launched twelve spacecraft between April 1964 to November of 1966.

What were the astronuat qualifications for the Gemini Program?

Applicants in 1962 could be civilians or in the military; they were required to be under 35 years old and shorter than 6 feet; demonstrate perfect eyesight and excellent physical conditon; hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent iengineering; be a qualified jet pilot and graduate of test pilot school; and have at least 1,500 hours of flying time.

How did the Gemini spaceraft differ from the Mercury spacecraft?

Mercury spacecraft were small (seated only one astronaut at a time) and capable of only the most basic functions. Gemini spacecraft were large enough to hold two astronauts and could maneuver in space. It could also change its orbit, link with other spcecraft, and precisely controll it re-entry and landing.

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